I am always creating.

Art is up to the interpreter of such. The idea of art is easily changing, and always present. Art can be seen in several forms, and I will always do my best to create in every form possible.

I began drawing as a child. Whether in my schoolbooks or on my friend's papers, I enjoyed doodling things that would make them smile. Usually little stick-figures. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Just little pieces of me that I hoped would bring joy to other people, even if for a fleeting moment. From there, I developed an interest in painting. Having started with Oil paints I quickly realized my mistake. Oil paints are very messy and stain skin. I wore no gloves. My brother greatly enjoyed watching my failures, but still kept my first painting. Its been years. Acrylic painting is second nature to me now. Canvases are a joy to ruin, and if I find myself disliking in any nature what I've spent hours on, its easy to repaint and start over. I enjoy textural painting, and finding different ways to alter the mind's perception of the piece. I will always be happy for have started painting. Photography came naturally as a facet of capturing art on a screen rather than canvas.

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