Emotional Colors

Emotions supply humans with a large amount of stress. There are several types of stresses, both good and bad. While most of the time people think that stress is associated with bad feelings only, good stress is needed for a healthy, balanced life. When I first went to therapy, I was under so many bad stressors that I was unable to convey the complex emotions I was feeling. In place of standard emotions and their names, I used colors. I can still see some complex and other more common emotions as colors, and have found it helpful when teaching others to explain their emotions the same way. This page is a list of emotions as colors, with a bit of background on each other for why I feel it is that color. Keep in mind that each emotion/color combo is not a law. You have every right to feel differently and have different combinations for yourself.

- - -



Blue is a captivating color that can sometimes resemble cold or chilly enviroments. This blue, however... Usually means distant. The color you get when someone you liked ghosts you, or when a close friend becomes busy with life. This specific blue is alike in that field. It looks like beauty, but feels like pain. Sometimes this is natural, and sometimes its a forced color. The forced colors feel different. But those that are both... They carry some different meanings.


Dark blue. The undertones in this are greens and purples, but contrasting. The meaning behind this is muted. Its as if someone sat and watched paint dry, or the feeling when you see a beautiful pond is now covered in moss and bug eggs. Its a beautiful disappointment - A feeling of amusement blinded by pain.


This type of numb has a blue undertone, as all the colors in this section do. The color represented by numbness is gray. The blue defines it as a lack of emotion held tightly by a sadness. This is the main feeling of depression, usually surrounded by hopelessness and followed by impulsivity or frustration.

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