This website is created in collaboration with Dr. Im of ITEC 1001, Section 24, Fall 2019. I am using it for various purposes...

A list of movies/tv shows I was forced to talk about:

  1. Meet The Robinsons
  2. This item is one of my favourite movies of all time due to its intense plot, fascinating characters, wild themes, and fun-loving clean humour.

  3. The Good Guys
  4. This tv show I watched with my mother and I always found it fascinating and funny. It helped me understand some law tems that I later put into use with my education.

  5. Moana
  6. This movie is the third I chose because I could not find another movie to pick... But I enjoy Disney movies and almost auditioned for this one, so that's a neat fact.

Moving Onward...

  1. I dont have many fascinating things about me. I suppose you can say I'm a business owner.
  2. I dont like the internet knowing everything about me.
  3. I'm known among friends for my love of cheese.
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