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Distressed Business Savvy

And We Start~

While this website was made for a class grade, I am going to put it to use. My name is Savannah, and some people call me Savvy. This is my business; creating art that expressed complicated emotions. Sometimes I do a few pieces for others on the side... Art is expressive. Venture into the world of how I see things, and you can't come back the same. I enjoy painting and will use this website in the future to implement my business ideas. Wanna know more about me? Click Here.

And Now? We Begin.

I am ready to take on whatever the world throws at me. Lets get this bread, shall we folks?

Hey! I think you're really cool. I like you a lot. Maybe we could ... hang out, or something.

Ideas Probability
Business 15%
Singing 12%
Art 24%
Teaching 49%

Future Plans Analytically

This is a good game - If you're bored or anxious

Game Time!

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